I am keen on spanish and latin american cultures. I had the opportunity to complete many of my student experiences in Spain and Latin America (2 internships in Madrid – one exchange semester in Santiago, Chili). I’m perfectly bilingual in Spanish and my level of english is very good.

Fashion, photography and graphic design are part of my sphere of interests.

Thank you very much for visiting my page. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question or remark.





4 weeks ago
El digital tiene un futuro que todavía cuesta imaginar con la llegada de objetos cada vez más conectados. Gran ejemplo con ese concepto de auto eléctrico y compartido imaginado por Citroën. El digital también puede ser una gran oportunidad para ayudar a s… https://t.co/tDBT7kuhTi
1 year ago
I-DYLIC's app and color wallet help you wear and match your perfect colors! https://t.co/ZHPr0l7rOP https://t.co/5Uzqke7P4v ThomasConvain photo
1 year ago
Discover my last work for Association Française du Lusitanien for its participation at @SalonduCheval ! #design #graphicdesign #salonducheval https://t.co/oy4bBT5X9U ThomasConvain photo
1 year ago
Discover my last video about Harry Beck, the guy at the origin of the #design of all the metro maps in the world !